Water softener DXT 9100


Water softener series with two vessels


  • Lime scale protection
  • Energy costs reduction
  • Washing detergents reducing
  • Technological waters



  • Public buildings' water supply
  • Boiler systems
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Technological water
  • Reverse osmosis systems' supply
  • Public laundries
  • Kitchen appliances




 Standard equipment:

1. Microprocessing valve with a flow meter for softened water
2. Two fiberglass vessels with inner PE shell
3. Upper distribution system
4. Lateral distribution system
5. Specialised brine tank
6. Floating level controller for brine
7. Brine well
8. Regeneration salt storage compartment
9. Salt grid
10. Air check valve
11. Brine hose
12. Ion exchange resin Na cation


 Optional equipment:

- Residual (total) hardness tester
- Residual hardness sensor
- Flexible connecting tubes
- Filter with 25 um cartridge (disposable)
- Filter with 50um cartridge for multiple uses
-Backwash filter - 80um
- Dosing system for chemical deaeration


  Download additional information in pdf format:   

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